FAQ Wedding Photographer



You are now on our „FAQ“ site. Here you will find all the questions which may be important.

Who are you?
We are Agnes and Andi, vienna based wedding photographers. We are looking forward to get in touch with you. Don’t be shy and drop a line.

Are you available for destination weddings?
Yes for sure. We love to travel and like to discover new places. Wherever you are going to marry, we will be there. We have already planed some trips. Just take a look at our travel dates.

We want YOU to take part in our wedding day,  how can i book you?
This is great. Best time for booking is about 6-12 month before your great day. So don’t hesitate and send us an email at office@agnesundandi.com or fill out our contact form. You will get an answer within 48hours if your date is free. Then let us meet for a cup of coffee or tea, whichever you prefer, to discuss all the questions you have. We can also meet for a virtual coffee via Skype if you live too far away.

How many pictures do we get?
The number of pictures depends on your wedding and what’s happening. But to give you a number, we usually deliver around 500 pictures.

Which packages do you offer?
We are storytellers, and therefore we like to tell the whole story of your big day and not only a part of it. There are so many special moments and all of them are needed, starting with mascara and ending with your party.

Do you offer albums?
Oh yes. We love to see our photos being printed.